You will appreciate the value of Earth royal Water , it’s the ONLY Deuterium Depleted  Water  that’s Naturally Sourced reasonably priced and available to purchase now!

Bottled in BPA-Free plastic bottles in a licensed Colorado Facility, Earth Royal Water is Naturally Sourced Deuterium Depleted Water with an Evaluation of 135-137 ppm.  It provides holistic therapy to help with Cancer and Diabetes.

Including ERW into today’s Consciousness of Higher Quality Foods is adding the best assurance that your getting the best that’s in the market place.

Earth Royal Water is clean, pure, and pristine with real taste!

For those of us knowing the value of organic high quality foods, ERW is at the top of food chain, clean pure, pristine with a real taste. Use it for Tea, coffee, ice or / juice drink. It’s a waste to cook with.

All brands that sell an Enhanced Water are Manufactured Water  mostly starting with a municipal water right out of tap, reversed osmosis, ultra violet, filtered , to take everything out and then reformulated with whatever is buying at worthless amounts. One exception is manufactured high alkaline PH water you get the higher evaluation of 9-10.  Better to find a Natural sourced PH their evaluation is 8-8.5.



Regular consumption of Deuterium-Depleted Water boosts the immune system, shrinks cancer tissues, and slows down the process of aging.